Posted by Fred Godlash

Howard Stern introduces a new Behind the scenes show exclusive for IN Demand

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Ever wonder what the hell happens once the Stern staff cuts to a commercial break?? Now, starting May 3rd, you can get a chance to see it all with the Howard TV: Behind the Scenes Show.


From celebrities in the green room, to staff antics and mishaps, to Stem himself preparing for shows and working with his staff during breaks, the series gives viewers an inside look as they have never seen before. 

The first episode starts with JD Harmeyer getting teased about his messy office and quickly moves into Scott the engineer needing to fix a technical problem quickly; which is not something Scott is good at doing quickly! They also show some behind the scenes footage of the Stern appearance on the Jon Steward Show. What I really enjoyed about the candid footage was that it reveals a real side of the people on the show. There is a scene during the end credits when Ronnie the limo driver is in the hallway, talking to someone on his cell phone, and Shuly is mimicking him- acting like he is actually talking to him! But what is funny is it looks very real and organic; as if we walked around the corner and discovered this happening. I really enjoyed the behind the scenes footage and think it will be a huge hit for Stern fans looking to learn more about a radio icon and his staff.

The show is exclusive to cable subscribers through Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Cablevision, Charter Communications, Bright House Networks and Rogers Cable Systems (Canada); so if you don’t get cable you are out of luck.