Posted by Fred Godlash

He Will Suck Your Brains!!!!!!!!

The Brainiac

It was my pleasure to review Brainiac (El Baron del Terror) simply because it is such a hidden gem. The film has all the elements of cult cinema success including gratuitous 1961 gore, a villain that is unrelenting in eating the brains of his enemies, a great looking monster, and cool sets that are very common for early Mexican Cinema. We never know the true origin of the baron or the secret of his powers but one thing is for sure, he is “BRAINIAC.”
The plot – a 16th century baron with strange powers is accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death by fire. While burning on a stake the baron places a curse on the future ancestors of the judges that ordered his demise. Fast-forward 300 years and a mysterious comet transports the Brainiac back to the same spot where he was once burned alive.

So what makes this film so great? I love the monster mask with the forked tongue and face that pulses to life but I found myself laughing hysterically when he puts a woman in his trance and seduces them in front of the husband or, better yet, forces them to commit suicide. His greatest weapon is to take control of your mind both mentally and physically (hence the name Brainiac). I also like that he doesn’t just kill the ancestors but anyone he feels like eating!  It is just a great must see cult classic that will 100% guarantee solid enjoyment. The good news is that the film is available on DVD from Casa Negra  (I actually recommend anything they put on DVD-GREAT COMPANY).  It seems that there are so many really, really great classics that just disappear. My goal for anyone that is reading this is to hopefully help someone discover some fun forgotten films.