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Battle of the Apocalytic Zombie DVD

Quarantine 2 vs REC 2 DVD Review

This is the ultimate fight for survival- not for human survival but DVD supremacy! The contender, “REC 2”, is the sequel to the original film (REC) that inspired it all! The challenger, “Quarantine 2-Terminal.” is a sequel to the remake from the original. Both have plenty of scares but only one will survive- pun intended! Let’s start with DVD picture quality:
Picture Quality: Quarantine 2 DVD Review
Quarantine 2- The film is very well lit for a movie that takes place mostly in the dark. The colors on the DVD look good and the contrast levels were especially done well considering the topic. The sound was mixed well and the detail in the surround sound worked well when we ran it through a dts receiver. My only complaint is that some of the green/thermal shots tend to be a little grainy.

Picture Quality: REC 2 DVD Review
REC 2- Excellent camera work including the infamous scene of the original possessed girl having her head blown off! I really liked the sound on the DVD switching between the head cams of the military and the main dialogue. The colors in the film look fine and the contrast levels were very good. Overall the picture looks fine
Both films are tied in quality of production. I really can’t sway one way or another because they are equally shot well and the DVD production is outstanding.
The story: QUARANTINE 2

Quarantine 2:Terminal

I have to give credit where credit is due. The story from Quarantine 2:Terminal is completely original and does not hinge on the REC storyline like the original Quarantine. Quarantine 2 takes place in an airport terminal where an infected plane full of passengers must divert in order to escape sudden doom. The infected are not really zombies but more infected in the style of “28 days later.” The scares are plenty in the film and the story is better than Quarantine with easier camera movement to follow- I hate shaky cameras.
The story: REC 2
REC 2 follows immediately after the first film left off. The sets, actors, and atmosphere are perfectly recreated from the original film. The details are so brilliant that you can actually see the original characters from the first film as possessed zombies. The blood stains, apartment numbers, the back entrance that they discussed in the first film- everything is very thought out. We also get a full explanation of the source of the possession (notice I say possession instead of virus). What was a tease in the first REC in now fully explained in the sequel. REC 2 dares to leap into the supernatural using demonic possession, rooms that can only be seen without light, and crucifixes being used to torture and restrain the possessed. The plot is fascinating using reckless spiritualistic endeavors from the Catholic Church causing the end of the world. The DVD is unapologetic and deliberate with strong metaphors of apocalyptic fate.

REC 2 DVD Review

The winner in my opinion is REC 2. What makes REC 2 a better film than Quarantine 2 is simply a better story. I love that the source of the “sickness” originating from demons and the supernatural. I also like that, despite a military crew with automatic weapons, a priest is the strongest individual entering the building full of maniacal crazed zombies. I also think that the original story (REC) was so strong that it only makes sense for the filmmakers to continue where the original story left off. The story is just great and the filming is equally excellent. Every shot is clear and easy to understand what is going on regardless of how much movement is taking place with the characters. It is clear that the directors took painstaking time to make sure that every detail would be seen. They even have a shot where a character is looking in the mirror so we can witness, from his helmet camera, his suicide. It is just a great film. Quarantine 2 absolutely gets credit for originality and I used to work at an airport – meaning it scared me thinking I would have to spend eternity roaming an airport terminal as an infected baggage handler! I think Quarantine 2: Terminal is better than Quarantine in originality and I wish they would have made this inspired film rather than a shot for shot remake of REC: although I loved the Knotts Scary Farm Quarantine haunted attraction!
Quarantine 2 is a fun film and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a good scare but REC 2 is the DVD winner in this match…….. I haven’t had this much fun comparing films since King Kong VS Godzilla!

Quarantine 2: Terminal and REC 2 are available now on DVD