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Zombiewood LA Review

Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposed
By Fred Godlash


Rob Sacchetto first caught my eye in the 2008 documentary Zombiemania that celebrates all things zombie and shows how the undead are now part of our mainstream pop culture. Like Max Brooks who enjoyed success with his 2003 book “Zombie Survival Guide; Complete Protection from the Living Dead”, illustrator Rob Sacchetto shows us over 120 full-color illustrations of Hollywood’s most famous movie stars in his book “Zombiewood Weekly: The Celebrity Dead Exposed.”

The book commands you to read and revel from beginning to the end.
Featuring zombie portraits of movie stars, musicians, politicians, athletes, and even people famous for just being famous- we would like to see them dead. Each portrait has a caption like, “ Ashton Kutcher, Undead star still a punk. Punk’d mastermind Ashton Kutcher waited in Bruce Willis’ closet for three days. You should of heard the way Bruce screamed. You would have thought he was being eaten alive.” Or “Wedding bells are ringing a ninth time for Larry King. The CNN host is tying the knot with 20 year-old waitress, Christine Barrington, only two months after splitting with Shawn King, his wife of 13 years. News of the nuptials did not sit well with Shawn’s family. “He ate her brains and then left her to rot, just like he’ll do to this new one”, One relative says.”

The book’s graphic illustrations will have you laughing hysterically from the very start. Each celebrity has oozing green decaying flesh, brain matter, and an expression only the tabloids could love.  In addition to all the entertaining Hollywood caricatures, the book has lampoon advertisements like, “Icktoria’s Secret- The all new support bra for decaying bodies.” The public’s insatiable lust for gossip is now the celebrity’s insatiable lust for human flesh.

Fans of gossip tabloids like TMZ, US Weekly, and other star-chasing rags will love the imaginative presentation of their favorite subjects—including undead versions of Brangelina, Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Michael Phelps, and even Glenn Beck (yes, he gets even scarier!).

The vivid full-color portraits pair the smiling faces of today’s most famous stars with the horrid features of their true zombie forms. Side-splitting descriptions deliver detailed information on these flesh-feasting personalities, including their favorite eats and secret haunts.

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