By Fred Godlash

Shark Diving Gone Wrong: 47 Meters Down

Jaws terrified us with a very real fear of being eaten alive by a great white shark. Blair Witch Project hit our fears of being lost in the woods with no way of finding your way home, but did you ever think you would somehow get lost in the murky ocean with no light, limited oxygen, and sharks preventing you to rise to the top?  47 Meters Down is a fun scare film that delivers on the movie title by putting you at the bottom of the ocean floor in a cage with sharks looking to eat you. But that is just the premise. Here is why you should watch this film.

The story is about two sisters, Lisa (Mandy Moore) and Kate (Claire Holt) on vacation in Mexico who decide to go diving with sharks. Lisa has no diving experience but her sister Kate convinces Lisa to partake in the adventure to help her forget about the ex-boyfriend. Once they get on the boat to go diving you know something real bad is going to happen. No surprise they end up in a shark cage that falls to the bottom of the ocean 47 meters below the surface. This could easily turn into a boring hour in a cage looking to get back to the top but we have many challenges to survive.

First challenge is the amount of air you need to survive (slow breathing), second you have a constant threat of sharks looking to eat you (hope you are not bleeding from the cage falling), third it becomes clear that you can get lost when you are in deep water and finally if you swim to the top without stopping to equalize you will get decompression sickness (The Bends).

It becomes an entertaining ride watching how they defy the problems that occur one after another.  It also has a clever twist that you may not predict that adds some originality to the story. The script amusingly gives the audience new problems to overcome at every twist and turn. The film pacing moves quickly and it is under 90 minutes. 

This picture is not Jaws but it is not a fluffy TV movie either. I would describe “47 Meters Down” as a fast paced adventure under water with a lot of scares but very little oxygen. I had fun and would recommend watching if you were in the mood for a good thriller.